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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance and Operations » BEDB: Agenda Preparation And Dissemination

Policy Date: 12/06/2017

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The Superintendent shall prepare all agendas for meetings of the Board. In doing so, the
Superintendent shall consult with the Board.

Items to be placed on the agenda should be received by the Superintendent at least seven days
prior to the meeting. Every Board member has the right to place items on the agenda. Matters
not included in the agenda may be presented during the meeting provided the Board agrees to
discuss the matter. The Board may choose not to deal with every agenda item.

Consistent with RSA 91-A:3 and the laws pertaining to student and family privacy rights, the
Board will not place any matter on the public meeting agenda that is to be properly discussed in
a non-public session. This shall not preclude the Board from giving notice of its intent to hold or
enter into a non-public session and the statutory reason for doing such.

Any Board member, staff member, student, or citizen of the District may suggest items of
business. The inclusion of items suggested by staff members, students, or citizens shall be at the
discretion of the Board Chairperson.

The Board shall follow the order of business set up by the agenda unless the order is altered by a
majority vote of the members present. Items of business not on the agenda may be discussed
and acted upon if a majority of the Board agrees to consider them. The Board, however, may
not revise Board policies, or adopt new ones, unless such action has been scheduled, or unless
there is an emergency.

The agenda and supporting materials should be distributed to Board members at least seven
days prior to the Board meeting. Board Members shall be expected to read the information
provided them and to contact the Superintendent to request additional information that may be
deemed necessary to assist them in their decision-making responsibilities.

When the final agenda has been established, it will be made available to the public. Members of
the public who wish to speak at Board meetings regarding an agenda item are encouraged to
contact the Superintendent prior to the Board meeting. Additionally, the Board reserves the right
to limit public discussion at Board meetings to agenda items only.

Statutory Reference:
RSA 91-A:3, Access to Government Records and Meetings: Non-Public Sessions

Adopted: March 16, 1983
Revised: July 8, 1986
Adopted: October 7, 1999
Revised: December 6, 2017