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Policies » Section K: School/Community-Home Relations » KF-R: Community Use Of School Facilities – Regulations

Policy Date: 05/02/2019

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CSD File: KF-R

Rationale: The use of school facilities by the citizens of Candia is endorsed by the school board. Accompanying that endorsement however, is the need to provide reasonable assurance that the facilities will remain in good condition and be absent of security problems.
1. The use of school facilities can only be obtained by submission of a completed application to the Principal and/or designee. A key may be issued, at the discretion of the Principal, to town organizations requesting use of the gymnasium for an extended period of time such as a sports season. No other keys will be issued for the Candia Moore School. A security deposit of $75.00 will be required for the issuance of a key.
2. Applications for use during non-school hours shall be submitted ten days in advance of the utilization date with advance payment, if required, in the form of a check or money order attached, payable to the Treasurer – Candia School District.

The school shall require a security deposit for any occasion upon the recommendation of the Principal.
3. The school building shall be closed for certain periods of time during the year for maintenance and upkeep. During those times building use may be limited. The Principal or his/her designee is charged with coordinating maintenance needs with facility use.
4. Non-Profit Organizations – The organization or party requesting the facilities must accept full financial and legal responsibility for any and all damages and/or claims of damages resulting from the use of the facilities. It is required that those non-profit organizations that do not have insurance coverage purchase a short-term liability and property damage insurance policy to cover the scheduled event and the activities surrounding the event i.e., set up and clean up.

For-Profit Organizations and Private Groups – A copy of the organization’s liability of insurance coverage must be provided at the time of submitting the Application for Use of School Facilities. The certificate of insurance shall name the Candia School District as an additional insured.

Any organization or private group will be held liable for any damages or injury caused by their use of facilities.
5. Adult supervision is required for all groups at all times (parking lots, fields, etc.).
6. Smoking will not be allowed on the school grounds (parking lots, fields, etc.), in accordance with RSA 78:12-b, RSA 126-K:7, RSA 155:68, 155:70, and 155:76.
7. Alcoholic beverages are not to be brought onto or consumed on school premises, in accordance with RSA 193-B.
8. Organizations may use school facilities for private, for profit, and non-profit activities. For organizations based out of town, the following fee schedule will be utilized by the Principal or his/her designee. This fee schedule will be in effect and charged during hours when services are required:
Security deposit $150.00
Rental Fee (per day) $50.00/day
Custodian $25.00/hour
Kitchen personnel** $20.00/hour per worker
**If the kitchen equipment is to be used, kitchen personnel will be needed to supervise.

9. The premises must be cleaned immediately following the event by the using organization unless prior arrangements have been made with the Principal. Should the using organization leave the premises in a manner unacceptable to the Principal, the using organization shall be charged for any additional cleaning that has to be done and should they not pay the bill, said organization shall not be allowed to use the facilities until payment is made.
10. For on-going games and activities, one Application for Use of School Facilities may be completed by the using organization with a schedule of dates of use attached (up to three months) rather than a new application for each use. Even though on-going applications may be approved, parties granted such use must be aware of the school’s need to accommodate other uses as determined by the Principal.
11. Should an organization, after notification by the Principal, fail to comply with any of the regulations herein or be delinquent in the payment of any application fees, the Superintendent or his/her designee shall notify the organization in writing, with a copy to each school board member. Failure to meet this requirement shall result in denial of future use of school facilities (buildings and grounds).
12. In addition, for the use of school grounds, the following regulations will also apply:
a. Ball games and similar activities must be confined to the athletic fields – not on lawns or parking lots.
b. Vehicles are not to be driven or parked on fields.
c. If spectator-type activities are involved, the user group is responsible for the cost of any required police coverage.
d. Grounds must be left in good condition and free of litter.
e. Proof of insurance, naming Candia School District as an additional insured, will be required when requesting items such as concessions or portable toilets.

13. Community groups are welcome to utilize the school’s placard to communicate events to the public under the following conditions:
a. Approval is granted by the Principal or his/her designee.
b. School events are given priority.
c. Messages to the public are appropriate, informational in nature, and not intended to influence an individual’s decision concerning civic issues.

A staff member must be in the building when it is in use.

Legal Reference:
RSA 126-K:7, Use of Tobacco Products on Public Educational Facility Grounds Prohibited

Revised: July 14, 1987
Revised: January 28, 1988
Revised: July 31, 1990
Revised: September 7, 1995
Revised: March 7, 1996
Adopted: May 4, 2000
Adopted: May 9, 2002
Adopted: June 2, 2005
Revised: May 2, 2019