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Policies » Section J: Students » JFABB: Foreign Exchange Students

Policy Date: 06/06/2019

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In order to promote cultural awards and understanding and to provide diverse experiences to district students, the Board shall admit foreign exchange students into the school district.

The Board shall accept foreign exchange students who meet the established guidelines for admission to the school district.

The Board may accept exchange students on a J-1 Visa who reside within the district as participants in group-sponsored exchange programs approved by the Board. The Board may waive tuition for these exchange student(s).

The Board shall accept privately sponsored exchange students on a F-1 Visa for attendance in secondary schools upon payment of tuition at the established district rate; tuition payments may not be waived. The period of attendance shall not exceed twelve (12) months.

The Board reserves the right to limit the number of foreign exchange students admitted to the school.

Delegation of Responsibility
The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for determining the Visa status and eligibility of foreign exchange students applying for admission to the school district.

Foreign exchange students shall comply with all immunization requirements for students. Once admitted, all exchange students shall be subject to all district policies and regulations governing students.

Adopted: April 4, 1996
Adopted: April 5, 2001
Reviewed: June 6, 2019