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Policies » Section I: Instruction » IKB: Homework

Policy Date: 01/02/2020

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We believe that purposefully designed homework that helps students to demonstrate course competencies can be an important part of the learning process. Homework includes learning activities of practice, preparation, and/or extension that are completed outside of class time.

Purposeful assignments not only enhance student achievement, but also develop self-discipline and associated good working habits. As an extension of the classroom, homework must be planned and organized, must be viewed as purposeful to the students, and should be evaluated and returned to students in a timely manner.

Teacher may give homework to students to aid in the student’s educational development. Whenever possible, teachers may, at the request of a student and/or parent, assign advanced studies homework for students who may not be fully benefitting from the standard curriculum.

If homework is to be used by teachers as part of a student’s grade, the teacher will explain to student show such homework assignments relate to the teacher’s grading system. Homework should not be assigned for disciplinary purposes.

Regulatory Reference:
Ed 306.18 (a) (2)

Adopted: October 10, 1989
Adopted: January 4, 2001
Revised: January 2, 2020