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Policies » Section I: Instruction » III: Methods Of Learning

Policy Date: 01/26/2021

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The Candia School District recognizes that In-Person Learning is the optimal method of learning. To that
end, the District will provide regular classroom instruction for all students. The School Board recognizes,
however, that in extreme or unforeseen circumstances, regular in-class instruction may need to be halted
or suspended. In such instances, the District will provide quality education in the form of Remote

In-Person Learning is instruction provided by the District to students with direct face-to-face interaction
between teacher and student.

Remote Learning is instruction provided by the District to any group of students or by any teacher
unable to attend class in-person.

Distance Learning is instruction received by students either remotely or in person by an educator outside of
the district.

The District will shift to Remote Learning when deemed necessary by the Superintendent and approved
by the School Board. Remote Learning provides instruction that closely mirrors what is/would be taught
in the classroom and can occur synchronously or asynchronously.

Synchronous Learning includes various forms of televisual, digital, and online learning through which
students learn from instructors, colleagues, or peers in real time, but not in-person.

Asynchronous Learning occurs when instruction and learning are not only in different locations, but also
at different times. This can include recorded lessons or videos and emails between teacher and student.

If the District offers both In-Person and Remote Learning, students may not switch from one method to
the other within the marking period except for extenuating circumstances reviewed and approved by the
Superintendent or his/her designee.

Student Services
Special education requirements will continue to be met in accordance with Individual Education Plans
(IEPs) regardless of method of learning.

All students may participate in extracurricular activities.

Adopted: January 26, 2021