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Policies » Section J: Students » JGG: Physical Restraint

Policy Date: 10/02/2003

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The Candia School Board believes that school attendance should be a positive experience. Students should be safe, secure and free from fear, and to that end the school board establishes the following physical restraint policy. To maintain safety and to protect students, reasonable restraint may be used only in the following circumstances:
1. A crisis situation involving physical aggression towards staff or students;
2. A crisis situation which endangers the student or others;
3. To obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects on the person or within the control of a pupil;
4. For the purpose of self-defense;
5. As provided for in a student’s individualized education plan or a Section 504 plan.

Physical restraint is immobilization through direct, temporary contact with a resisting student in a controlled manner for the purpose of preventing the student from injuring him/herself, others or property. The intent of physical restraint is to stop unsafe behavior. Physical restraint is not to be used as punishment. Any incident of physical restraint will be reported to the Principal and/or designee by the end of that school day. The parent/guardian will be notified within 24 hours.

Documentation of any situation requiring the use of physical restraint shall be provided to the parent/guardian within three (3) school days.

All certified staff and instructional assistants will be trained in physical restraint techniques and be required to keep their training current.

Adopted: October 2, 2003