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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance and Operations » BEDH: Public Participation At Board Meetings

Policy Date: 11/04/2021

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The primary purpose of School Board meetings is to conduct the business of the Board as it
relates to school policies, programs and operations. The Board encourages residents to attend
Board meetings so that they may become acquainted with the operation and programs of the
schools. All official meetings of the Board shall be open to the press and public. However, the
Board reserves the right to meet and to adjourn or recess a meeting at any time. The Board also
reserves the right to enter non-public session at any time, in accordance with the provision RSA

In order to assure that persons who wish to appear before the Board may be heard and, at the
same time, it may conduct its meeting properly and efficiently, the Board adopts, as policy, the
following procedures and rules pertaining to public participation at Board meetings:
1. The Board will provide two periods for public comment during each public
meeting, one prior to the old and new business portions of the meeting and
one following. Speakers will not be limited to meeting agenda items in their
2. Speakers will be allowed up to five minutes to speak. All speakers are
encouraged to be as direct and concise as possible in consideration of others
waiting to speak.
3. All speakers shall give his or her name, address, and the group, if any, that
is represented. The presentation should be as brief as possible. Written
remarks are encouraged.
4. All speakers are to conduct themselves in a civil manner. Obscene, libelous,
defamatory or violent statements will be considered out of order and will not
be tolerated.
5. The Board Chair or other presiding officer may terminate the remarks of any
individuals when they do not adhere to the rules established above as to content or
time limitation.

Statutory Reference:
RSA 91-A:2, Meetings Open to the Public
RSA 91-A:3, Non-Public Sessions

Adopted: February 11, 1976
Adopted: October 7, 1999
Revised: October 5, 2017
Reviewed: January 3, 2019
Revised: November 4, 2021