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Policies » Section D: Fiscal Management » DEA: Revenues From Local Tax Sources

Policy Date: 05/05/2022

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The major share of all financial support for local school districts is raised by taxing property within the district. Most of the financial support of public education, therefore, is subject to a direct vote of the people.

It is the responsibility of the School Board to sufficiently explain the objectives and needs of the school to the legislative body which casts the final vote, so that local support of education can indeed provide for all children equal educational opportunities.

The Board, administration, and the professional staff will work with the taxpayers toward the solution of problems in the operational funding of the school district.

The financial condition of the district, along with its needs and goals, will be presented to the citizens. This will be done through an ongoing public information program, carried out by all appropriate means.

In addition, the Board may:
1. Accept available state funds to which the district is entitled by law or through rules of the State Board of Education, and
2. Accept federal funds which are available providing there is a specific need for them and that matching funds required are available.

The Board may accept revenues on a case-by-case basis consistent with the goals, policies, and programs of the district.

Adopted: February 3, 2000
Reviewed: May 5, 2022