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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance and Operations » BBBC: School Board Members And Other Elected Officials Resignation

Policy Date: 06/08/2017

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The Board believes that any citizen who files for and seeks election to the Board or any other School District office should do so with full knowledge of and appreciation for the investment in time, effort, and dedication expected of all School District officials. The Board also believes the citizen’s intent to serve reflects his/her intention to serve a full term of office.

However, if for reasons of health, change in domicile, or any other compelling reason, a board member or other elected official does decide to terminate service, the Board requests earliest possible notification of intent to resign so that the Board may plan appropriately for this event.

Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with RSA 197:26.

RSA 197:26 Vacancies. The School Board shall fill vacancies occurring on the Board, and in other district offices, except that of moderator, until the next annual meeting of the district. In case of vacancy of the entire membership of the Board, or the remaining members are unable to agree upon an appointment, the Selectmen, upon application of one or more voters in the district, shall fill the vacancies so existing until the next annual meeting of the district.

A failure of the School Board to fill a vacancy after 3 Board Meetings will be considered the inability to agree on an appointment.

In the event that a vacancy or vacancies occur(s) during the term of office of any board member causing the membership of the Board to be less than five, the unexpired term or terms of office shall be filled as follows:

1. Solicit names of voters in the district who are willing to serve with appropriate notice of the same through public notification serving the community. Published notification will be made no later than ten days prior to a regularly scheduled board meeting.

2. Appointment Process:
a. All names submitted to the Board and qualified to be appointed shall be given due consideration.
b. Voting shall be conducted in open session and a process leading to the appointment of a new board member(s) can begin only after the tendered date of resignation of the previous board member(s).
c. Appointment to the Board shall require a majority vote of Board present.

3. The appointment is only for that period of time until the next election of school district officers as stipulated in RSA 197:26.

Statutory Reference:
RSA 197:26 School Meetings & Officers: Vacancies

Adopted: October 7, 1999
Revised: June 8, 2017