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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EEAE: School Bus Safety Program

Policy Date: 04/07/2010

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The safety and welfare of student riders will be the first consideration in all matters pertaining to transportation. The school district or independent contractor will comply with all state laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of school buses and will make these requirements known to bus drivers. It will also cooperate with local safety officials in formulating and accomplishing its school bus safety program. Safety precautions will include the following:
1. Children will be instructed as to the proper procedure for boarding and exiting from a school bus and in proper and safe conduct while aboard.
2. Two emergency evacuation drills will be conducted during the school year. The first will be conducted as early in the school year as deemed reasonable while the second drill will be done during the second half of the year for the purpose of refreshing the students of evacuation procedures.
3. All vehicles used to transport children will be inspected on a regular schedule to see that they meet safety regulations.
4. All drivers will be screened before employment for physical condition, proper license, and experience. The prior driving record of each driver will be checked for drug and alcohol or other convictions and a criminal records check must also be completed.
5. All bus drivers must notify their immediate supervisor of all violations of bus rules.
6. The Board authorizes use of video and/or audio surveillance on school buses to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all students while riding on school buses. Use of such surveillance will be in accordance with Policy ECAF, Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses.

Legal References: 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, RSA 189:6-a, RSA 570-A:2(k)(1)

Proposed: October 8, 1975
Adopted: December 10, 1975
Adopted: April 6, 2000
Adopted: October 2, 2003
Revised: April 7, 2010