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Policies » Section G: Personnel » GBEA: Staff Ethics/Employee Conflict Of Interest

Policy Date: 11/07/2019

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All employees of the District are expected to maintain high standards in their conduct both on and off duty. District employees are responsible for providing leadership in the school and community. This responsibility requires the employee to maintain standards of exemplary conduct. To these ends, the Board adopts the following statements of standards. District employees will adhere to the standards enunciated in this Policy in the decision-making process involving their interactions with students, the school community, colleagues, parents and the public.

A. Adoption and Incorporation of Standards of Code of Ethics for New Hampshire Educators.
The Board incorporates by reference and adopts as independent ethical standards relative to employment in the District, the provisions of the New Hampshire Code of Ethics for New Hampshire Educators (the “NH Code of Ethics”), as the same may be amended by the State from time to time.

B. Additional Ethical Standards.
In addition to the ethical standards set forth in the New Hampshire Code of Ethics, and without limiting the application thereof to District employment, employees will:

 Make the wellbeing of students the fundamental value of all decision-making and actions.
 Staff members shall maintain a reasonable standard of care for the supervision, control and protection of students commensurate with their assigned duties and responsibilities.
 Maintain just, courteous, and proper relationships with students, parents, staff members, and others.
 Fulfill their job responsibilities with honesty and integrity.
 Direct any criticism of other staff members toward improving the District. Such constructive criticism is to be made directly to the building administrator.
 Obey all local, state, and national laws.
 Obey and implement the School Board’s policies, administrative rules and regulations.
 Avoid using position for personal gain through political, social, religious, economic, or other influence.
 Maintain the standards and seek to improve the effectiveness of the profession through research and continuing professional development.
 Honor all contracts until fulfillment or release.
 Maintain all privacy and confidentiality standards as required by law.
 Exhibit professional conduct both on and off duty.
 Refrain from using personal, political, social or religious beliefs, values or attitudes to direct or influence curriculum, student behavior, student attitudes, or discussion amongst students or in any other way alter the perception of students.
 Refrain from showing favoritism towards any specific political, social or religious beliefs, values or attitudes that may be expressed by students.
 Commit to the prevention of harassment or intimidation of students by other students and/or staff for expressing political, social or religious beliefs, values or attitudes that may differ from those being expressed by others.
 Acknowledge the first amendment rights of students at all times.

C. Dissemination.
The content of this policy should be included in every employee/staff member handbook, and/or otherwise provided annually to each employee, designated volunteer, and contracted party.

Adopted: June 1, 2000
Revised: November 7, 2019