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Policies » Section E: Support Services

Section E contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.

Code Date Name
EB 11/06/2014 Joint Loss Management Committee
EBB/ADD 09/01/2022 Safe Schools
EBBB 02/05/2009 Accident Reports
EBBC 01/05/2017 Emergency Care And First Aid
EBBD 01/05/2023 Indoor Air & Water Quality
EBCA 06/04/2020 Emergency Plans
EBCC 01/04/2024 False Alarms, Bomb, Active Shooter, and Other Such Threats
EBCD 03/08/2007 Emergency Closing
EBCF 03/08/2007 Pandemic/Epidemic Emergencies
EC 11/01/2018 Buildings And Grounds Management
ECA 06/05/2008 Buildings And Grounds Security
ECAF 04/07/2010 Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses
EDC 11/01/2018 Authorized Use Of School-Owned Materials
EEA 12/05/2019 Student Transportation Services
EEA-A 03/08/2007 Conditions Of Student Transportation Services
EEAA 01/05/2017 Video And Audio Surveillance On School Property
EEAB 11/05/2015 Video And Audio Recording For Instructional Purposes
EEAC 11/07/2019 School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEAE 04/07/2010 School Bus Safety Program
EEAEA 06/07/2007 Mandatory Drug And Alcohol Testing
EEAEC 12/06/2018 Student Conduct On School Buses
EEAF 05/07/2009 Special Use Of School Buses
EEBB 05/02/2019 Use Of Private Vehicles To Transport Students
EF 01/05/2017 Food Service Management
EFA 12/06/2012 Availability And Distribution of Healthy Foods
EFAA 01/02/2020 Charging of School Lunch
EGAD 09/12/2002 Copyright Compliance
EH 04/01/2021 Public Access To School District Reords
EH-R 06/04/2020 Access To Minutes And Public Records
EHAA 06/01/2023 Computer Security, E-mail And Internet Communications
EHAB 06/06/2019 Data Governance And Security
EHB 01/31/2019 Records Retention
EHB-R 06/02/2022 Local Records Retention Schedule
EI 12/06/2018 Risk Management
EIB 03/07/2019 Liability Insurance
EID 03/07/2019 Insurance