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Policies » Section D: Fiscal Management

Section D contains policies on school finance and the management of funds. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation are filed in Section F: Facilities Development.

Code Date Name
DA 02/03/2000 Budget Management Goals
DAF 06/02/2020 Administration Of Federal Grant Funds
DB 02/03/2000 Annual Budget
DBC 02/03/2000 Budget Planning
DBI 02/03/2000 Budget Implementation
DBJ 11/07/2019 Transfer Of Appropriation
DC 02/03/2000 Taxing And Borrowing Authority/Limitations
DD 02/03/2000 Funding Proposals And Applications
DEA 02/03/2000 Revenues From Local Tax Sources
DFA 04/01/2021 Investment
DG 02/03/2000 Depository Of Funds
DGA 02/03/2000 Authorized Signatures
DH 02/03/2000 Bonded Employees
DI 02/03/2000 Fiscal Accounting And Reporting
DIA 04/07/2016 Fund Balance Policy
DID 11/02/2017 Capital (Fixed) Assets
DIE 02/03/2000 Audits
DIH 03/07/2018 Fraud Prevention And Fiscal Management
DJ 02/03/2000 Purchasing
DJB 02/03/2000 Purchasing Procedures
DJC 02/03/2000 Petty Cash Accounts
DJD 02/03/2000 Cooperative Purchasing
DJE 01/07/2010 Bidding Requirements
DK 02/03/2000 Payment Procedures
DKA 03/07/2018 Payroll Procedures
DKC 02/03/2000 Expense Reimbursements
DM 02/03/2000 Cash In The School Building
DN 11/06/2014 School Properties Disposal Procedure